Wednesday, July 24

A Guide to Goalkeeper Clothing


Goalkeepers are different from every other football player. Goalkeepers are trying to prevent the ball from going into the net while everyone else is trying to score.

However, it isn’t just your position or the fact that you can use your hands that makes you stand out. Furthermore, it is also clothing for goalkeepers. From the simplest accessories to the most advanced apparel, Just Keepers has everything you need.

Base layer

Goalkeepers don’t have to run or chase after the ball like other team members. The important thing is that once they are called into action, they play an important role. The ability to make saves in any weather condition will be made much easier with padded base layer clothing.

Here at Just Keepers, customers can find the best-padded clothing available. Similarly, Nike Dry Gardien pants offer excellent sweat-wicking properties, minimalist styling, and excellent comfort.

The same holds true for Uhlsport Bionikframe long tights made from an innovative material that is optimised for flexibility. Alternatively, you can protect your torso with an impact-resistant and moisture-wicking sleeveless Storelli BodyShield undershirt. There are also long sleeve versions and matching sliders available for this undershirt.


A goalkeeper’s jersey is more than just a piece of clothing. A goalkeeper typically wears long sleeves and distinguishing colours during a game.

Choosing the right jersey is critical to maximising your performance and matching your taste. It is impressive that Just Keepers offers Goalkeeper jerseys from Adidas, Puma, Uhlsport, Nike, HO Soccer, Storelli and a few other major brands.

This is especially true of Adidas Condivo line, which offers the traditional jersey style. This product is of fantastic quality, and it’s not overpriced.

The Nike Gardien long sleeve jerseys are in the same category but have a slimmer fit for a tailored look. There are multiple neon colours as well as short sleeve options available for these jerseys.


A goalkeeper’s trousers are always a good idea, except when it’s game day. In particular, padded trousers are incredibly useful for keeping your body safe and comfortable.

This is the perfect example of the Reusch Contest 3/4 Goalkeeper pants. Consider Reusch Contest trousers if you’re looking for trousers that will protect your knees and hips while allowing full range of motion.

Uhlsport Standard pants, on the other hand, offer a more casual look, which you can wear for leisure purposes as well as for athletics.

Football socks

The health of a football player’s feet is of the utmost importance, compared to that of most athletes. A goalkeeper’s socks are one of the most important items of clothing. As well as keeping your feet dry and comfortable, they absorb shock and regulate the temperature.

We offer a variety of knee-high football socks, crew socks, and no-show training socks for everyday use at Just Keepers. These Nike Matchfit socks are a perfect example of socks with arch support and excellent fit.

There are cushioned footbeds on the left and right feet for better comfort. You can also match them with your jersey because they come in several gorgeous colours.

Training Jackets

It becomes more challenging for trainers to train when the weather turns cold. It’s for this reason that wearing the right jacket is so important. The goalkeeper training warm-up jackets made by Stanno are among the best in the industry.

They offer a 100% polyester water-repellent jacket with traditional style and design that matches nearly any jersey and pair of trousers. The lining is mesh for better breathability and the cuffs are elastic for added comfort.

The HO Soccer padded training jacket has a more modern look as well as elbow and shoulder padding.

The 100% nylon material keeps you dry even in the rain and ensures less sweating in the summer. The zip closure on the neck allows for more convenience, and the lime details on a mostly black jacket make it stand out.

Goalkeeper Apparel Selection

Several items of goalkeeper clothing are optional, such as hats and accessories, while others are essential.

It is impossible to separate padded base layers from goalkeeping apparel. It’s not just about staying warm, but also about avoiding injuries. The jersey you choose is also incredibly important, and luckily, Just Keepers offers so many options.

In a harsher climate, your goalkeeper trousers, socks, and jacket will protect you further and keep you performing at your best.